Assessing Resting Metabolic Rate – The MedGem utilises a combination of medical devices, clinical software, and supporting educational materials to assess, initiate and monitor treatment for weight management.

Understanding actual metabolic rate is one of the most valuable pieces of information when aiming to improve your body composition. Having this information gives a couple of excellent starting points for the next phase of your program.


The MedGem device has been shown to be 98% accurate for calculating RMR. Estimations commonly used in practice can be up to 70% inaccurate.


Understanding how your metabolic rate changes with body composition improvements, training changes, food changes and environment changes will give you invaluable data on how to adjust for best outcomes.


A program where you are stripping fat and significantly lowering your metabolic rate is not going to be as effective as a program that strips the same fat but keeps your RMR high. A high RMR will enable you to keep fat off in the long term.  Knowing your RMR is the start. In conjunction with the Metabolic Health System, this vital bit of information can be a crucial component of your success.

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